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Past Speakers

Please visit https://capture.udel.edu/channel/Data+Science+Community+Hour for recordings of previous events (must be logged in).

Learn business-side of Data Science and How a Data Science start-up can achieve success
Dean Bittner, CTO and co-founder, RUNWITHIT Synthetics
Date: November 18, 2022

Multi-fidelity machine learning (ML) method for forecasting extreme space weather events
Dr. Andong Hu, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Date: November 4, 2022

From Differentiable Reasoning to Self-supervised Embodied Active Learning
Prof. Russ Salakhutdinov, Ph.D, Dept. of Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University
Date: October 6, 2021

Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC)
Prof. Nii Attoh-Okine, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware
Date: May 13, 2021

Interview with Dr. Catia S. Silva and “Data Science opportunities in the evolution of the Electric Grid”
Dr. Catia S. Silva, Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Florida and
Sergio Sepulveda, Institute of Energy Conversion | ECE, UD

Date: May 6, 2021

Interview: Dr. Subit Chakrabarti, Indigo and High Performance Computing: Allocation, Jobs, Scheduling, and Front-End
Dr. Subit Chakrabarti, Team Lead, Remote Sensing and Geoscience @ Indigo and
Matt Dwyer, U.S. Army CCDC, Army Research Laboratory & CIS, UD

Date: April 29, 2021

Topological Data Analysis: Uncovering the Shape of Data
Jerome Roehm, Mathematical Sciences, UD
Date: April 22, 2021

Multiscale Methods in Action: From Machine Learning and Graphs to Realistic Future for Quantum Computing
Ilya Safro, CIS, UD
Date: April 15, 2021

Interview with Rakesh Chalasani and 2 talks on processing biomedical texts
Rakesh Chalasani, Spotify;
Gongbo Zhang, UD CIS; and
Pengyuan Li, UD CIS

Date: April 8, 2021

Interview with Dr. Moumita Bhattacharya and “How to Approach Your First Data Science Project”
Moumita Bhattacharya, Netflix and
Mauricio Ferrato, UD CIS

Date: April 1, 2021

Natural language processing (NLP) themed week with three 15-minute talks,
and industry guest Dr. Eder Santana from Twitch

Matthew Mauriello, CIS, UD;
Arshiya Khan, CCRG, ECE, UD;
Austin Brockmeier, ECE/CIS., UD

Date: March 25, 2021

Introduction to Adversarial Machine Learning
Michael De Lucia, Computer Scientist, U.S. Army’s Applied Research Laboratory (ARL), Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Date: March 18, 2021

Bootstrapping Anaconda
Chase Cotton, UD ECE
Date: March 11, 2021

Meet a Data Scientist & Community Lightning Talks on Using Julia for Data Science
Rosha Pokharel, Lead Data Scientist at Centene Corporation
Date: March 4, 2021

Julia for Data Science
Toby Driscoll, Professor of Mathematical Science, UD
Date: February 25, 2021


Our Mission

The Institute aims to accelerate research in data science, serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations across fields impacting our society.