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2020 Data Science Ed Workshop Berkeley

2020 National Workshop on Data Science Education

We would like to invite you to be a part of the third annual National Workshop on Data Science Education. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to host this summer’s workshop online. Participation in the workshop is free for attendees.

This workshop will take place from June 22 – 26, 2020 and is organized by UC Berkeley’s Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society with support from Microsoft and the West Big Data Innovation Hub.

The workshop will consist of a combination of pre-recorded talks, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions. We will be publishing a set of videos that cover elements that the workshop would have contained. We will also be sharing supplementary materials about topics such as Jupyter infrastructure, Data 8 teaching guides, Data 100, and Data Science Modules and Connectors. Additionally, we will have experts answer questions during AMA office hours. We will host a series of live webinars that will have panel discussions on topics that include multiple stakeholders.

We hope that this format allows you to participate in the workshop at your own pace, while still being able to participate in live sessions and interact with other data science educators.


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