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Expert Assistance

There are a number of ways to get help with developing and running computational and data intensive applications.


  • Contact dsiallocatins@udel.edu:
    Submit questions to get help. Generally, IT Research Computing staff or the Expert Group will respond.
  • Request a Workinar:
    DARWIN account users who need some guidance beyond the user guide and initial startup can reach out to request Expert Assistance via a Workinar.  Full details here.

For HPC systems Caviness and Farber:

For data management questions including creating a Data Management Plan

For general questions to the UD computational and data-intensive research community

  • Find a faculty member or DSI community member involved in specific research:
    Visit the faculty page and the community page.
  • Reach out to faculty and students and involved in computational and data-intensive research:
    Join the data-science@udel.edu mailing list by going to the subscribe page.

The Core facility is also in the process of establishing a staff of part-time, and eventually full-time, specialists and volunteers with expertise in developing and running computational and data-intensive applications. The staff will be able to work on projects collaboratively with the requesting researchers. Among the volunteers are computer science/engineering students who work on a thesis topic in parallel computing or data-intensive science with an emphasis on real applications. Part-time and full-time staff members are experts with specific skills in developing computational and data-intensive applications. Both staff and students may be available for being budgeted on research proposals. Faculty interested in taking advantage of such resources, please contact us at dsi-core@udel.edu.

Our Mission

The Institute aims to accelerate research in data science, serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations across fields impacting our society.