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Cracking the Code

Dion Vlachos, Director of the Delaware Energy Institute and the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation and DSI Faculty Council Member is co-PI on a $3.69 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Vlachos along with other University of Delaware researchers are working to unlock new routes to sustainably develop materials from lignin.

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New IEEE Fellows

Rudi Eigenmann, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering and DSI Faculty Council Member, DiCos Core Director and Chair, DSI Infrastructure Working Group has been named a Fellow of IEEE (formerly known as The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Professor Eigenmann was named a Fellow for contributions to compilers for high-performance computing.

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Mapping Soil Moisture in High Definition

Rodrigo Vargas, Associate Professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Environmental Change and DSI Faculty Council Member, and doctoral student Mario Guevara have developed a new, more accurate way to map predicted soil moisture, even in areas where no data have been available.

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Switching Cereals

DSI Resident Faculty and Assistant Professor in the departments of Geography & Spatial Sciences and Plant & Soil Sciences, Kyle Davis, led a study that shows how India can improve nutrition, climate resilience, and the environment by diversifying its crop production.

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Bringing It Down To Earth

Two unlikely UD collaborators — an engineer and a journalist — teamed up to develop a program that helps UD students explain their research in terms mere mortals might understand. The five-part “Words For Nerds” seminar was developed by Joshua Zide, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and DSI Affiliated Faculty, Dawn Fallik, Associate Professor of English, to give graduate students training and practice in the art of explaining complex ideas to street-level audiences.

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Our Mission

The Institute aims to accelerate research in data science, serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations across fields impacting our society.