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Programming the Soon-to-be World’s Fastest Supercomputer

DSI Affiliated Faculty and Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, Sunita Chandrasekaran, is leading an elite international team in designing an application for the world’s fastest supercomputer, set to come online in the United States in 2021.

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Registration is Open!

You are invited to REGISTER for the University of Delaware Data Science Institute (DSI)’s Virtual DARWIN Computing Symposium from 8:30am-5:00pm on February 12, 2021.

Virtual poster proposals are especially encouraged from graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at UD & partner institutions, including those who wish to use DARWIN resources for their computational work in the future. All graduate student-poster presenters will be eligible for a DSI-sponsored best poster award. Poster proposals are due by January 31st, and Symposium registration closes on February 8th.


Studying the Virus in Real Time

DSI Affiliated Faculty, Hagit Shatkay’s Intro to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology course is teaching students how important computational methods can be in the face of a pandemic.

Abhyudai Singh is a mathematical biologist and associate professor at the University of Delaware, who studies and models biochemical processes inside living cells. Photo by Ambre Alexander.

Targeting Drug-Resistant Cancers

DSI Affiliated Faculty, Abhyudai Singh and collaborators find vulnerable stages in stubborn cancer cells using mathematical modeling.

Migratory bird populations face rapid declines due to many interacting factors including light pollution, climate change, and habitat loss and degradation. Researchers hope that the stopover-to-passage ratio can offer additional insight and renewed interest in understanding stopover sites. Pictured here: Orchard Oriole. Photo courtesy of Kyle Horton.

2020 Highly Cited Researchers

DSI Director, Cathy Wu was named for the seventh consecutive year to the 2020 global list of Highly Cited Researchers. Dr. Wu was recognized for her influence in the field of biology and biochemistry. The annual list identifies researchers who have demonstrated significant influence in their academic field or across several fields through the publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade. Their names are drawn from the publications that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and publication year in Clarivate’s Web of Science citation index.

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Winners Announced for 2020 UD Student Competition for Geospatial Data Visualization / Map Design

UD students at all levels were invited to enter the university-wide competition for achievements in the art and science of mapping geospatial data. Two winners were selected: Jessie Eastburn and Bridgette Kegelman. Congratulations!

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Mental Health Strained by Disaster

A team of researchers including DSI Affiliated Faculty, Jennifer Horney, looked at disaster declaration data to determine the impact of natural disasters on suicide rates

A ‘Momentous Day’ for University of Delaware Research


Launch of Data Science Institute adds major collaborative muscle

UD President Dennis Assanis speaks at the symposium on the future of data science at UD.


Serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze and coordinate data science initiatives at UD

  • Coalesce researchers around Data Science research themes
  • Develop competitive Data Science research programs
  • Support Data Science and Computing Core Facility
  • Engage students in Data Science research
  • Collaborate with government and industry partners

Institutional Strengths

As the vast resource of new and diverse datasets are rapidly becoming available in nearly every aspect of life, data science has the potential to advance human understanding in all branches of science and humanities, and, address grand challenges facing society. The Institute plans to combine disparate, dynamic, and distributed datasets and enable everything from predicting the future behavior of complex systems to precise medical treatments, smart energy usage, and focused educational curricula.


Resources and Funding Support

  • Seed funding to support team-based research center grants, infrastructure grants and training grants
  • Support researchers to identify cross-disciplinary collaborators and access to Data Science & Computing Core Facility
  • Provide an inventory of data resources, computational tools, and data science-related courses/degree programs

Team Building and Networking

  • Networking Events: Connecting faculty, students, industry
  • Annual Research Symposium
  • Seminars / Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Research Workshops
  • Short Courses and Training: Collaborating with academic programs
  • Industry Engagement: Collaborating with OEIP and Horn Program

Data Science in the News

Data Analytics Programs Take Off

Colleges are working to meet demand for big data analysis with burgeoning degree and non-degree programs.  To keep up with the explosion of big data across all industries, college and universities have debuted dozens of data analytics programs during the past few...

Prepare Undergrads for Data-Driven Workplace

Academic Institutions Should Prepare Undergraduates for a Data-Driven Workplace, New Report Recommends WASHINGTON – All U.S. undergraduate students should develop a basic understanding of data science to prepare them adequately for the workforce, says a...

Our Mission

The Institute aims to accelerate research in data science, serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations across fields impacting our society.