Families Fighting Cancer Together

Many African American families are run by single moms who feel shame when diagnosed with cancer. This prompts the need for tailored interventions that address the psychosocial needs of these patients and their families. These crucial discoveries came in a series of attachment-based family intervention therapy sessions designed by University of Delaware Health Behavior and Nutrition Sciences Professor and DSI Faculty Council member Adam Davey, who has long wanted to see interventions that address the psychosocial needs of African American patients with cancer and their families.


User Beware

DSI Faculty Council member Xiao Fang, professor of management information systems and JPMorgan Chase Senior Fellow at the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, and DSI Affiliated Faculty member Ming Zhao, associate professor of operations management, collaborated with Minjia Mao, a doctoral student in UD’s the Financial Services Analytics (FSAN) program, and researchers Hongzhe Zhang and Xiaohang Zhao, who are alumni of the FSAN program.

Their research findings that AI chatbots share some of our biases was published in March in the journal Scientific Reports.


Saleem Ali, the Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment at UD and chair of the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences, is the lead author of a new study that suggests the need for an international minerals agreement to ensure countries can produce the green technologies necessary to battle climate change. In this photo, Ali is pictured in the Bayan Obo mining region within the Inner Mongolia region of China in 2017 in front of a massive ore nugget of rare earth minerals which is being celebrated here with the following words: "Welcome to the Rare Earths Community.” Photo courtesy of Saleem Ali

Honoring Faculty Excellence

DSI Associate Director Benjamin Bagozzi, associate professor of political science and international relations, received the fall 2023 Mid-Career Excellence in Scholarship Award.  The Mid-Career Excellence in Scholarship Award recognizes excellence in research, scholarship and creative endeavors.

UD Professor Kyle Davis has studied crops, crop rotation and national farming policies as the world struggles to feed its burgeoning population and use resources smartly amid climate change. Photo courtesy of Kyle Davis.

For the Record

DSI Infrastructure Working Group member Annie Johnson, associate university librarian for publishing, preservation, research and digital access, was elected to the Board of the Library Publishing Coalition, an independent, community-led membership association of academic and research libraries and library consortia engaged in scholarly publishing.


For the Record

On Wednesday, March 6, DSI Faculty Council member Thomas M. Powers, director of the Center for Science, Ethics and Public Policy, visited Capitol Hill for “Humanities on the Hill” day to advocate for federal support for the humanities and for the National Endowment for the Humanities.


UD Professor Kyle Davis has studied crops, crop rotation and national farming policies as the world struggles to feed its burgeoning population and use resources smartly amid climate change. Photo courtesy of Kyle Davis.

Quantum Computing and Finance

DSI Affiliated Faculty member Ilya Safro, associate professor and associate chair for graduate studies and research in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, is part of a team of researchers from industry, academia and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory that recently published a primer on quantum computing and finance.

UD Professor Kyle Davis has studied crops, crop rotation and national farming policies as the world struggles to feed its burgeoning population and use resources smartly amid climate change. Photo courtesy of Kyle Davis.

The Role of the Ocean in Climate Change

Former DSI Fellow Kelsea Edwing (left) and Lei Huang (center) both recently had papers published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters. They are pictured here at graduation in 2023 with Edwing’s sister, former DSI Fellow Deanna Edwing (right), who was also a member of contributing co-author and DSI Faculty Council member Xiao-Hai Yan’s lab, graduated from UD and served as a co-author on Huang’s paper.

Photos courtesy of Nina David

For the Record

Thomas W. Ilvento, professor of applied economics and statistics, received the American Statistical Association (ASA) 2024 Philadelphia Chapter College Teaching Excellence Award for College or University Educator.


Serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze and coordinate data science initiatives at UD

  • Coalesce researchers around Data Science research themes
  • Develop competitive Data Science research programs
  • Support Data Science and Computing Core Facility
  • Engage students in Data Science research
  • Collaborate with government and industry partners

Institutional Strengths

As the vast resource of new and diverse datasets are rapidly becoming available in nearly every aspect of life, data science has the potential to advance human understanding in all branches of science and humanities, and, address grand challenges facing society. The Institute plans to combine disparate, dynamic, and distributed datasets and enable everything from predicting the future behavior of complex systems to precise medical treatments, smart energy usage, and focused educational curricula.


Resources and Funding Support

  • Seed funding to support team-based research center grants, infrastructure grants and training grants
  • Support researchers to identify cross-disciplinary collaborators and access to Data Science & Computing Core Facility
  • Provide an inventory of data resources, computational tools, and data science-related courses/degree programs

Team Building and Networking

  • Networking Events: Connecting faculty, students, industry
  • Annual Research Symposium
  • Seminars / Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Research Workshops
  • Short Courses and Training: Collaborating with academic programs
  • Industry Engagement: Collaborating with OEIP and Horn Program

Data Science in the News

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Our Mission

The Institute aims to accelerate research in data science, serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations across fields impacting our society.