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This is the directory of Data Scientists interested in connecting with other Data Scientist colleagues. To register please visit the Subscribe page.

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Barakhshan, Parinaz
ECE Student/Trainee Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering
Barmaki, Roghayeh (Leila)
CIS and DSI Faculty Computer Sciences; Education; Engineering; Life and Health Sciences; Social Sciences; Statistics biomedical technology, pain management, emerging technologies, augmented and virtual reality, rehabilitation, therapy Roghayeh (Leila) Barmaki is an Assistant Professor at the Computer and Information ‎Sciences Department and affiliated with the Data Science Institute at University of ‎Delaware.
Her research . . . interests span multimodal machine learning, virtual and augmented reality analytics, and human-computer interaction with applications in education and healthcare.
Barnes, Hilary
School of Nursing Faculty Life and Health Sciences; Policy; Social Sciences workforce, large data, nurse practitioners, health policy, economics Dr. Barnes’ program of research focuses on the nurse practitioner (NP) and the influence of state-level practice and reimbursement policies on NP workforce outcomes, as well as the impact of . . . NP-delivered care on patient outcomes in ambulatory settings. She is a health services researcher with expertise in quantitative analyses using large data sets. She completed a T32 post-doctoral research fellowship in the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Her research has been funded by the Eastern Nursing Research Society/American Nurses Foundation and the AcademyHealth New Investigator Small Grant Program. Dr. Barnes is clinically trained as a family NP and maintains clinical practices in the urgent care setting.
Boukari, fatima
PEMaCS Faculty Computer Sciences; Education; Statistics Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Health, Data Science
Boulton, Aaron
Center for Health Assessment Research and Translation Staff Education; Life and Health Sciences; Social Sciences; Statistics statistics; dynamic systems; psychometrics; health outcomes Dr. Boulton is a Senior Biostatistician in the Center for Health Assessment Research and Translation (CHART). Dr. Boulton has expertise in research design and statistical methods, primarily . . . longitudinal data analysis, latent variable models, mixed-effects models, and psychometrics. Within CHART, his primary research interests center on applying modern test theory techniques to improve patient reported outcomes measurement in rehabilitation populations. Dr. Boulton is also broadly interested in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of statistical methods; current interests include continuous-time models, semicontinuous and limited dependent variable models, and test score linking methods for health outcomes measures.
Boyle, Daniel
AI Applications Industry Business; Energy; Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Mathematics; Physical Sciences; Statistics Augmented Intelligence Applications AI Apps start up to provide toolkit and services to simulate and test applications of augmented Intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions across a range of industries. . . . Initial Subject Matter Expertise in industrial control systems, SCADA, and energy management.
Brockmeier, Austin
Electrical and Computer Engineering; Computer and Information Sciences Faculty Computer Sciences; Engineering; Life and Health Sciences data science | machine learning | neural signal processing | text clustering | brain machine interfaces My research interests focus on the underlying mathematics and design of statistical models, optimizations, and algorithms, and interfacing with complex data from the domains of biomedical engineering, . . . neuroscience, and natural language processing.
Cai, Chuan
Institutional Research and Effectiveness Staff Business; Education Bayesian model, predictive model, transfer learning, higher education Chuan Cai is a Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst in the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at UD and also a PhD student in the Financial Service Analytics program. He utilizes metadata . . . modeling, advanced reporting and statistical modeling skills to help the campus community to summarize, visualize data and extract critical information from data for decision making. Chuan holds master’s degrees in statistics and mechanical engineering.
Claros Olivares, Claudio Cesar
ECE Student/Trainee Engineering machine learning, control theory, reinforcement learning
Cotton, Chase
ECE Faculty Engineering cybersecurity networking IOC orchestration high-availability ML AML
Cottone, Dominic
Management Industry Education; Life and Health Sciences; Social Sciences Research High Performance Computing
Cutrona, Nicolas
Economics Student/Trainee Business; Statistics N/A

I am a current Sophomore at the University of Delaware. I am interested in learning more about the data science field as a potential line of work after graduation.

Davis, Kyle
Geography and Spatial Sciences Faculty Environmental Sciences; Agriculture food systems; sustainability; global environmental change; foreign land investments Dr. Davis is an Assistant Professor in UD’s Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences and Department of Plant and Soil Sciences and a Resident Faculty in the UD Data Science Institute. His work . . . focuses on food systems, sustainability, and global environmental change. His current research combines environmental, economic, and social considerations with stakeholder engagement to inform agricultural decision making and to improve nutrition, environmental sustainability, and climate adaptation strategies. He also explores other human-environment interactions through projects on: the environmental and livelihoods impacts of large-scale land investments; variability and shock propagation through food trade networks; the relationship between human migration and global environmental change.
DeLiberty, Tracy
Geography Faculty Education; Environmental Sciences; Statistics Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing, Climatology My specific research has focused on land surface interactions with climate analyzing large regional and global observations and remotely sensed datasets relying heavily on using GIS, image processing . . . systems, and python in the mapping and spatial analysis. Regional geographic areas of focus include the Southern Great Plains, Amazon Basin, polar areas, and Delmarva Peninsula.
Devarajan, Karthik
Fox Chase Cancer Center Faculty Computer Sciences; Life and Health Sciences; Statistics statistical machine learning, bioinformatics, survival analysis, data mining, high-dimensional data analysis Dr. Devarajan is an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics at Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) and an affiliated faculty member in the Center for . . . High-dimensional Statistics at Temple University’s Big Data Institute. His primary research interests encompass statistical machine learning and data science with applications in bioinformatics, neuroscience, medicine and natural language processing. Dr. Devarajan is a member of the Research Review Committee and serves as the Vice Chair of the Data Safety and Monitoring Board at FCCC. Prior to joining FCCC, Dr. Devarajan held research positions at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Princeton, New Jersey and in Cancer Bioinformatics at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in Boston.
Duzoglu, Oguzhan
Civil & Environmental Engineering Student/Trainee Computer Sciences; Energy; Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Mathematics; Policy Optimal Site Selection for Nuclear Power Plants, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Spatial Data Analysis, GIS
Eleuterio, Tom
Institutional Research & Effectiveness Staff Education; Mathematics; Social Sciences machine learning, artificial intelligence Tom Eleuterio (MS Statistics, University of Delaware) is the Manager of the Higher Education Consortia in the Office of Institutional Research at the University of Delaware. He provides statistical . . . analysis for the National Study of Instructional Cost and Productivity (also known as The Delaware Cost Study).
Giraldo Zuluaga, Jhony Heriberto
ECE Student/Trainee Computer Sciences; Engineering; Mathematics; Statistics Graph signal processing, machine learning, computer vision
Gizis, John
Physics and Astronomy Faculty Physical Sciences astronomy

I am an observational astronomer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

He, Mu
IT-ATS Staff Computer Sciences; Education; Social Sciences learning analytics, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, web development Dr. Mu He is an educational technology consultant and LMS administrator at the University of Delaware. He received his M.S. in instructional design and training from the St. Cloud State University, . . . M.S in Data Science*, and Ed.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Delaware. His research interests focus on learning analytics, data-driven instructional design, and mobile learning.
Headley, Jeff
CompassRed Industry Business; Education; Life and Health Sciences; Mathematics; Physical Sciences; Policy; Social Sciences; Statistics Data Science, predictive, big data, visualization, algorithm, trends, trend spotting Jeff lives by a simple mantra, “leave it better than you found it”. From his first paper route to his global data & analytic roles, Jeff strives to improve himself and everyone around him every . . . day.
Jeff has spent the last 28 years using data to drive actionable insights and new products in multiple sectors including retail, entertainment, and retail banking. He’s overseen projects for the likes of Disney, Kroger, Tesco, Macy’s, Home Depot, Panasonic and AutoZone, helping to personalize customer experiences, predict future outcomes, increase revenue, and squeeze as much value from data as possible.
When he’s not trying to change the world through data, you can find him getting muddy on his mountain bike or annoying the neighbors with this guitar playing.
Huge, Mike
Statistics Industry Business; Computer Sciences; Education; Life and Health Sciences; Policy; Social Sciences; Statistics Statistics, Business, Social Science Mike Huge, founder and CEO of Landenberg Research, brings 20 years of experience in data science, social influence, and research reporting across various fields, including venture capital, academia, . . . industry, and government. He holds a master’s degree from Ohio State University, where he studied advanced statistics, social behavior, and survey analysis.
Ji, Jinbiao
Department of Physics and Astronomy Student/Trainee Physical Sciences Big data; Astronomy
kautharapu, kumar
R&D Industry Business; Computer Sciences; Education; Energy; Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Life and Health Sciences; Mathematics; Statistics Startups


Lazebnik, Felix
Mathematical Sciences Faculty Mathematics mathematics, probability
LI, Xiaolong
Department of Physics and Astronomy Student/Trainee Computer Sciences; Engineering; Physical Sciences data analysis
Lockard, Melissa
MSDS Student/Trainee Computer Sciences; Mathematics; Statistics Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization
Lockett, Davd
Grants Staff Computer Sciences; Education Grants, Data Science
Lv, Mengxi
Bioinformatics Student/Trainee Engineering; Life and Health Sciences Bioinformatics & Statistics

130 academy street

mann, yung
civil engineering Student/Trainee Business; Education; Energy; Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Policy; Statistics machine learning
Nandiraju, Sai Durga Karthik
Information Systems Technology and Management Student/Trainee Computer Sciences Data Analysis
Neunuebel, Joshua
Psychological and Brain Sciences Faculty Computer Sciences; Life and Health Sciences; Mathematics; Physical Sciences; Social Sciences; Statistics Neural encoding of social information; Innate social behavior; Animal communication; Autism Dr. Neunuebel research focuses on how the nervous system processes and integrates social information that underlies purposeful innate behavior. His research team laid the groundwork for elucidating . . . the neurobiology of social behavior by building a novel system for simultaneously recording neural, audio, and behavioral data from freely socializing mice, which requires high-performance computing and machine- and deep-learning approaches to analyze.
Ortiz, Ronnal
Statistics department Master researcher Computer Sciences; Education; Environmental Sciences; Life and Health Sciences; Statistics Animal production, data analysis, experimental desing
Peart, Daniel
Digital Scholarship and Publishing Staff Social Sciences; data services data management analysis services library
Peng, Xi
Computer and Information Sciences Faculty Computer Sciences Deep Learning, Explainable AI, Transfer Learning, Human-Centered AI
Phatak, Aashish
Data Science Student/Trainee Computer Sciences; Engineering Machine learning, Deep Learning
Pompon, Raymond
F5 Labs Industry Business; Computer Sciences cyber-security Raymond Pompon is currently a Principal Threat Researcher Evangelist with F5 labs. With over 20 years of experience in Internet security, he has worked closely with Federal law enforcement in . . . cyber-crime investigations. He has recently written IT Security Risk Control Management: An Audit Preparation Plan from Apress books.
Poulin, Steve
None Industry Policy; Social Sciences SPSS Dr. Steve Poulin has worked as a trainer and consultant for SPSS and IBM SPSS since 1997. During that time he worked with over 250 organizations that used SPSS products. He was a part-time trainer . . . for SPSS beginning in November of 1997. In March of 2010 he began working full-time for IBM SPSS, and eventually transitioned from training into consulting. Before he began working full-time for IBM SPSS, Dr. Poulin worked as a researcher for the Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research at the University of Pennsylvania. He has also managed a homeless shelter in Richmond, Virginia. He received a Ph.D. in Social Policy from Columbia University in 2007.
Ralston, Matt
MSDS Student/Trainee Computer Sciences; Life and Health Sciences kmer, bioinformatics, markov, probability, normalization, basis Early-mid career bioinformatician with expertise in human and bacterial genomics. Deep knowledge of metabolism and colon cancer. Competitive technical abilities including software engineering, AWS . . . cloud compute, bioinformatics analyses, Illumina data processing, data science, and more. I am currently developing a k-mer spectra database (https://matthewralston.github.io/kmerdb) under the Apache license.
I encourage you to check out the following:
Main website https://matthewralston.github.io
Portfolio https://matthewralston.github.io/portfolio/
CV https://matthewralston.github.io/cv/
Rasheed, Huma
Communication Student/Trainee Business; Social Sciences communication, big data

I’m a PhD student in the field of communication interested in big data techniques.

Reedy, Chandra
School of Public Policy & Administration/Center for Historic Architecture & Design Faculty Policy; Social Sciences social sciences, archaeological sciences, anthropological sciences, archaeometry, historic preservation I do cultural heritage studies (architecture, artifacts such as ceramics, and intangible heritage) to understand technological innovation and change over time and the role of traditional cultural . . . heritage in improving the lives of people and communities.
Schoening, James
US Army APG US Govt Computer Sciences; Education; Engineering; Policy Ontology, AI, Artificial Intelligence, AI Talent

I work in the US DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center exploring paths to creating AI Talent via non-traditional approaches.

Schroeder, Frank
DPA Faculty Physical Sciences Cosmic Rays, Radio Detection, Analysis Method, Monte Carlo Simulations, Neural Networks
Schwartz, Anita
IT – Client Support & Services Staff Computing Support IT Research HPC Support Facilitation Assists researchers with technical questions and problems in areas of computing on the cluster to solve compilation, runtime, and scaling problems, assist with planning, testing, documenting and . . . training for all clusters, document processing with TeX and LaTeX, and oversees outreach and educational workshops for research computing.
Sepúlveda, Sergio
Electrical and Computer Engineering / Institute of Energy Conversion Student/Trainee Energy; Engineering; Physical Sciences Microgrids, renewable energy, resilience, photovoltaics
Shah, Kalim
Biden School Faculty Business; Energy; Policy; Social Sciences energy and environmental policy My research focuses on environmental governance, policy, regulation and the institutional frameworks through which they work. This is applied within and to contexts of sustainable development, . . . corporate social responsibility, public-private cooperation and innovation. Most of my attention is on island states and small developing economies, also drawing from comparative country studies elsewhere. Interests in the extractive industries, energy, tourism and recreation, service sectors and SMEs.
Siders, A.R.
Biden School Faculty Environmental Sciences; Policy; Social Sciences climate change; adaptation; text mining; decision-making; policy A.R. Siders is an assistant professor in the Disaster Research Center, Biden School of Public Policy and Administration, and Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences. She holds a JD from Harvard . . . and a PhD from Stanford. She previously served as an environmental fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, a legal fellow at the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, and a Presidential Management Fellow with the US Navy. Her research explores climate change adaptation decision-making and evaluation: how and why communities decide when, where, and how to adapt to the effects of climate change and how decisions and decision-making processes affect risk reduction and equity. She uses text mining, network analyses, and spatial analyses in her methods.
Tawiah, Nii
Sociology and Criminal Justice Faculty Education; Social Sciences; Statistics Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling & Automation
Thompson, Brad
Statistics – Delaware Technical Community College Faculty Education Curriculum Development, Associate Degree Dr. Brad Thompson is an Instructional Designer and Statistics faculty at Delaware Technical Community College. He is a steering committee member for the NSF grant-funded Summit on Two-Year College . . . Data Science Curricula and is currently a member of the writing team working to publish the results of this project. The products of this will be guidelines and learning outcomes for two-year college programs in data science. Brad earned his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership focused on Mathematics in Higher Education with a dissertation titled A Feasibility Study and Development of an Associate Degree Program in Data Science. He is president of the DelMATYC chapter of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges and a member of the statistics education and data science subcommittees.
Tobacman, Jeremy
Economics/Lerner Faculty Business Behavioral economics, household finance, development economics
Vankadara, Sudheer
information Technology / Finance Student/Trainee Computer Sciences; Mathematics; Statistics Finance, Banking, IT, Data 18+ years in Information Technology, experienced in leading wide range of projects in Insurance, Banking and Finance. Core competencies include Data Modeling, Database Design, Design . . . Thinking.
Preparing to fine tune skills in Data Analytics and Modeling.
Zhao, Ming
Department of Business Administration Faculty Business Optimization

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