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Seminar Details

Big Data, Very Big Computers, and the Endless Pursuit for an Honest Weather Prediction System.

Jonathan Poterjoy

Assistant Professor, UMD

Time: November 22, 2019 @ 3:30 PM
Location: 218 Pearson Hall

Data assimilation is an exciting field of study with many domains. Given the principle objective of combining real-world measurements with a priori information for a dynamical system, numerous applications can be found in medicine, biology, engineering, economics, and of course geophysics. Data assimilation is also a significant component of any atmospheric prediction system, which encompasses a broad spectrum of activities ranging from chemical constituent modeling to synoptic-scale weather forecasting. This seminar will focus on recent research with particle filters, which are Monte Carlo data assimilation methods that have intrinsic advantages for nonlinear dynamical systems – but contain obstacles for high-dimensional systems with ill-characterized uncertainty. Overcoming such obstacles may shed new light on outstanding problems related to the prediction of extreme weather events such as severe convective storms and tropical cyclones.

Our Mission

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