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Thanks to everyone for joining us at the University of Delaware Data Science Institute (DSI) NextGen Data Science Symposium, an event organized by the UD DSI Student Association and Fellows bringing together UD researchers and local partners interested in Data Science applications.

The 2023 NextGen Data Science Symposium was held by the University of Delaware (UD) Data Science Institute Student Association (DSI-SA) on December 7 2023 with support from the UD Data Science Institute. This inaugural
symposium marked one of the first events put on by the newly established DSI-SA to bring together students working in data science from across the University. The symposium was student-led, with the goal of giving students a platform to share
their ideas about data science and interact with faculty and make industry connections.

The “2023 NextGen Data Science Symposium” uniquely targeted the next generation of future data science leaders, offering a platform for talks and panels that explore critical career aspects, such as “Navigating the Data Science Job Market” and “Breaking into Data Science as a Career”. These sessions were designed to empower emerging data science professionals with valuable insights and strategies for success in the field.

In addition, the Symposium showcased poster presentations featuring a range of relevant computational- and data-intensive (CDI) research projects. These posters aligned with NextGen Data Science’s overarching goals of fostering collaboration and CDI-intensive research across the Delaware region. Furthermore, the Symposium addressed the future challenges that the next generation of data scientist leaders will confront and must overcome to drive innovation and progress within the ever-evolving landscape of data science.

The day-long symposium was held on December 7th, 2023 in person at UD’s STAR Campus in The Tower at STAR Audion.

Symposium Overview

The symposium had 163 registrants, 77% of which were affiliated with UD. Six other Universities registered for the event including Delaware State University, Lincoln University, Howard University, Delaware Technical Community College, Binghamton University, and Wilmington University. Several companies and professional organizations also registered both as attendees and panelists including the State of Delaware, FMC, DuPont, Fintech, A.I. Whoo, Tech Impact, ChristianaCare, Nemours Children’s Health, Agilent, AstraZeneca, CompassRed, Incyte, JPMorgan Chase, Perdue, Siemens Healthineers, Solenis, W.L. Gore, Geisinger Health System, UN International Resource Panel, Delaware BioScience Association, and Innovative Precision Health. The event was majority attended by students, with 41% of registrants being PhD students, 14% Master’s students, and 5% Undergraduate students, from across all of UD’s colleges. The event ran from 9:00 AM to 3:45 PM and featured two keynote speakers, two student-led panels, five student talks, a career panel, industry lightning talks, and a poster session.

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Keynote Speakers

Austin Brockmeier

Assistant Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Delaware

Saleem Ali

Blue & Gold Distinguished Professor Geography & Spatial Sciences & Biden School of Public Policy  University of Delaware 

Panel 1 Speakers: Data Science at UD

John Gizis (Moderator)

Co-Chair, Networking & External Relations Working Group

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Associate Director, Data Science Institute

Matthew Walter

PhD Candidate

Geography & Spatial Sciences

University of Delaware

Hassan Baker

PhD Candidate

Electrical Engineering

University of Delaware 

Idowu Kunlere

PhD Candidate

Biden School of Public Policy

University of Delaware

Hanan Abou Ali

PhD Candidate

Geography & Spatial Sciences

University of Delaware 

Swati Tyagi

PhD Candidate

Financial Service Analytics

University of Delaware 

Panel 2 Speakers: Data Science Across the STEM & Social Sciences

Benjamin Bagozzi (Moderator)

Associate Professor, Political Science and IR

Associate Director, Master of Science in Data Science

Associate Director, Data Science Institute

University of Delaware

Chara Angelidou

PhD Candidate

Mechanical Engineering

University of Delaware

Daria Blinova

PhD Candidate

Department of Political Science & IR

University of Delaware 

Huma Rasheed

PhD Candidate

Department of Communication

University of Delaware


Manan Sarupria

PhD Candidate

Geography and Spatial Sciences

University of Delaware 

James Korman

PhD Candidate

Political Science & IR

University of Delaware 

Panel 3 Speakers: Navigating the Data Science Job Market/Career Opportunities in Data Science

Michael Blaustein (Moderator)

Industry liaison, Data Science Institute

University of Delaware

Jennifer Koester

Director of Enterprise Data

State of Delaware

Joseph Davis

Head of Data Science – Precision Ag


Ian Moloney

SVP and Head of Federal and State Policy

American Fintech Council

Matthew Saponaro

CEO and Founder

A. I. Whoo



9:00 Registration & Poster Setup
9:30 Welcome Remarks
9:35 DSI Director Remarks: Cathy Wu
9:40 Keynote 1: Dr. Austin Brockmeier
10:05 Panel 1: Data Science at UD
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Panel 2: Data Science Across the STEM & Social Sciences
11:45 Presentation: “Data Science in 2050”
12:10 Lunch
1:00 Panel 3: Navigating the Data Science Job Market/Career Opportunities in Data Science
1:35 Coffee Break
1:45 Poster Session Lightning Talks
2:00 Poster Session
3:00 Keynote 2: Dr. Saleem Ali
3:30 Industry Lightning Talks
3:45 Poster Awards & Closing Remarks
4:00 End Symposium

Planning Committee
  • Chara Angelidou
  • Ben Bagozzi
  • Hassan Baker
  • Michael Blaustein
  • Lynette Carney (Coordinator)
  • John Gizis
  • James Korman (Chair)
  • Idowu Kunlere
  • Manan Sarupria
  • Matthew Walter
  • Cathy Wu

  • For inquiries, please contact Chair of the Planning Committee — James Korman at:

Our Mission

The Institute aims to accelerate research in data science, serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations across fields impacting our society.