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Sponsorship Opportunities


The DSI’s 2023 Data Science Symposium will take place on September 22nd, and will involve 200-250 participants associated with the University of Delaware as well as nearby industry and academic partners. It will also serve as the culminating event for the DS+AI Hackathon. More details on the 2023 Data Science Symposium can be found here

          Thank you to our sponsors!

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The following sponsorship opportunities are available to all organizations and provide a wonderful way to support the UD community, as well as promote company visibility.

In addition to the benefits outlined below, all industry sponsors will be provided a complementary industry table at Data Science Symposium. Any form of sponsorship outlined below also includes the following items at the Data Science Symposium:

  • display rotating powerpoint slides of sponsors during times not scheduled for talks or panels;
  • display posters around the event for the sponsors;
  • explicitly highlight sponsor tables and thank sponsors from the podium during the outset and conclusion of the meeting;
  • inclusion of sponsorship logo and details within the electronic and printed Symposium agenda/program, and eventual published Symposium proceedings

Hackathon prize sponsorship will be clearly announced and displayed during all mentions of the prize, both verbally and in print (e.g., slides and email communications), including during the prize’s awards ceremony at the 2023 Data Science Symposium. Meal sponsorship includes prominently displayed signage acknowledging sponsorship adjacent to meal stations with company logos, and will be announced by the event organizers during the event. Sponsoring any of the following items will also see the sponsor listed as a co-sponsor of the full event within relevant materials (e.g., slides, email announcements, and event webpages).

Symposium Sponsorships

Sponsor the 2023 Data Science Symposium’s breakfast: $2,000

Sponsor the 2023 Data Science Symposium overall: $500

Sponsor a Symposium best student poster award: $400

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, or if you have any questions, please contact Lynette Carney at lynettec@udel.edu.