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DSI Symposium 2021 Posters

Extraction of Air Conditioner End Use Indicators from Proximal Infrared Remote Sensing of Buildings
Kyungmin Lee (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

A Bayesian Approach to Identify Uncertainties in Atmospheric Modeling on Ground-Based HSI
Angie Stephanie Gomez Fonseca (she/her/hers, Master’s Student)

A Remote Sensing Biosecurity Mechanism for the Poultry Industry
Matt Hardy (he/him/his, Master’s Student)

Exploring the influences of functional connectivity architecture on cortical thickness networks in patients with early psychosis
Kristina Holton (she/her/hers, Certificate Student)

Exploring the kinome using graph representation learning
Sachin Gavali (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Dimensionality reduction of autism data using a basic autoencoder
Ginnie Sawyer-Morris (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

State Capture and the Role of Political Parties in Latin America
James Korman (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Mapping Changes in Global Area Equipped for Irrigation
Piyush Mehta (he/him/his, PhD Student)

iCetus: A Semi-automatic Parallel Programming Assistant
Parinaz Barakhshan (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

Exploratory Inconsistency Analysis of Energy-critical Materials Public Datasets
Qitong Wang (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Aragonite Saturation as an Indicator for Oyster Habitat Health in Delaware Inland Bays
Amin Boukari (he/him/his, Undergraduate Student)

Detection of Light Echoes based on YOLO framework
Xiaolong Li (he/him/his, PhD Student)

There’s no difference: CNN for transient detection without template subtraction
Tatiana Acero Cuellar (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

Copula-based dependency model for CO2 efflux prediction and its uncertainty quantification.
Van Huong Le (he/him/his, Postdoc)

Detection & Removal of Periodic Noise in Kepler K2 Photometry with Principal Component Analysis
Riley Clarke (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Classifying Stripped Envelope Supernovae with Properly Synthesized Low-Resolution Spectra
Willow Fortino (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

The Double-Edged Sword of Democracy: Topic Model Analysis of International Climate Change Speeches
Jiwon Nam (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

Application of decision tree algorithm to classify signal and background events in IACTs
Sajan Kumar (he/him/his, Postdoc)

Single-cell sequencing of the developing lens
Deepti Anand (she/her/hers, Postdoc)

Deep Learning Approach Towards Squat Isolation in a Multi-Embedded Track Geometry Defects
Ibrahim Balogun (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Prompt Identification of Rapidly Evolving Astrophysical Transients
Lian Ming (he/him/his, Master’s Student)

A data simulation program to assess machine learning algorithms for classification problems
Matt Myers (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Using virtual reality to analyze multi-dimensional data sets
Christopher Russell (he/him/his, Postdoc)

Spatial biases influence estimates of soil respiration: how can we improve global predictions?
Emma Stell (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

Measuring the impact of Automatic Program Parallelization Techniques in Cetus v2.0
Akshay Bhosale (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Novel DNA polymerases mined from metagenomic sequences fill the phenotypicinformation gap in metagenomic databases
Rachel Keown (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

Generating magnification maps for gravitational microlensing using Neural Networks
Somayeh Khakpash (she/her/hers, Postdoc)

Machine learning approach for C-V-f fingerprint analysis of recombination in perovskite solar cells
Isaac Lam (he/him/his, PhD Student)
Austin Kuba (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Study on the effect of COVID-19 on weight gain trajectory
Md Mozaharul Mottalib (he/him/his, PhD Student)

Spatial Variability of Soil Nitrogen, GPP and Biomass Relationships in the CONUS
Elizabeth Smith (she/her/hers, PhD Student)

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