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DARWIN Symposium 2022 Posters

iCetus: A Semi-automatic Parallel Programming Assistant
Parinaz Barakshan (she/her/hers, PhD Student, UD)

Classification and Denoising of Cosmic-Ray Radio Signals using Deep Learning
Abdul Rehman (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

Deep-learning in situ classification of HIV-1 virion morphology
Juan S. Rey (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

DECARD, a Distributed Runtime for Heterogeneous Architectures
Diego Roa (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

The impact of phosphorylation modulation in the binding of NLS peptides to importin-alpha
Hamed Meshkin (he/him/his, Postdoc, UD)

Improving low allelic variant detection using error corrected sequencing coupled with a binomial error rate
Karl Franke (he/him/his, External Collaborator, Nemours)

Exploring networks in resting-state fMRI using voxel-to-voxel causal modeling feature selection
Hassan Baker (unspecified, PhD Student, UD)

The Molecular Determinants of Membrane Viscosity
James Fitzgerald (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

Bacillus Subtilis an alternatives to antibiotics in controlling Necrotic Enteritis in broilers
Shweta Ghimire (she/her/hers, Master’s Student, UD)

Machine learning approaches for drug response predictive models
Vineeth Gutta (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

AMBERff at scale: Multimillion-atom simulations with AMBER force fields in NAMD
Peter Jones (he/him/his, Master’s Student, UD)

Effect of Allosteric Inhibitors on the Integrase Conformation Probed by All-Atom Simulations
Lev Levintov (he/him/his, Postdoc, UD)

Toward modeling flocculation in turbulence-resolving simulations for cohesive sediment transport
Jorge Penaloza-Giraldo (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

Intensity Correlation Analysis of Ficoll Raman Spectra `
Yahira Rivera (she/her/hers, Undergrad, Delaware State University)

Measuring the Impact of Automatic Program Parallelization Techniques
Miguel Romero Rosas (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

Sampling Protein-lipid Interactions With Swarms of Trajectories and a Transition Matrix Analysis
Liam Sharp (he/him/his, Postdoc, UD)

Large-Eddy Simulation of Cross-Shore Hydrodynamics under Random Waves in the Surf and Swash Zones
Benjamin Tsai (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

Accelerating COVID-19 Research With Graph Mining and Transformer-based Learning
Ilya Tyagin (he/him/his, PhD Student, UD)

Implementation of Shor’s Algorithm in Prime Factorization and Discrete Logarithms
Ryan Wiley (he/him/his, Master’s Student, Delaware State University)

Running PIC code on a small HPC cluster
Lianxin Xin (she/her/hers, PhD Student, Delaware State University)

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