Downtime to Begin Transition to Full Production Mode

We are pleased to announce the end of Phase 2 Early Access on DARWIN and the beginning of the transition to full Production mode.  We are planning a two week transition period to allow for final testing of the allocation-based accounting and our usage reporting tool.  At the end of this two week period, we will reset all allocation balances to match the actual startup allocation award.  We anticipate this will happen on July 26, 2021, assuming there are no major issues during the transition period.  DARWIN will then be in full Production mode and all usage will be charged against your startup allocation award.  If you exhaust your balance, you will not be able to run any more jobs until you get an additional award, supplement, or renewal.


In order to facilitate this transition, DARWIN will be down for maintenance starting Monday morning, July 12, 2021 at 8:00 AM until Wednesday morning, July 14, 2021.  A Slurm reservation is in place to block any newly submitted jobs that will not complete before 8:00 AM on July 12th.  SSH access will be disabled during this time, so if you need any data from DARWIN for post-processing work during the downtime, please copy it to a local system before July 12th.


Additional details will be provided after the maintenance downtime to discuss the new usage reporting tool and any other changes you need to be aware of during this transition period.  A final announcement will be sent when we reset allocation usage and officially enter full Production mode.