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Caviness Nodes Access Request

Requesting Access to DSI nodes on the Caviness Community Cluster

To apply for access, please send the following information to dsi-core@udel.edu

Subject: Access Request – Caviness nodes

  • Describe, in half a page, the research that will be done and how it relates to data science. Include a URL for more information.
  • List name, position (faculty, staff, graduate student, undergraduate student) and UD email address of the principal investigator and all research group members that need access.
  • Indicate funding source for the research or indicate “unfunded”.

The current policy is to grant access to all research groups that are affiliated with DSI and are conducting data-science research.  Access will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Currently no quotas are implemented. This policy is subject to change.

The PI will need to ensure that the resources are only being used for the described project. There will be periodic (once per semester or per year) requests to confirm that the project and participants are still conducting the described research and are members of UD. The PI will also be asked annually to submit an entry to a brochure on Computational and Data-Intensive Research at UD. Ideally, the provided URL should contain sufficient information for such entry, including a high-level description of the goal, readable for general audiences, a technical description for scientists, and a representative picture.

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